Unemployed for a day.

Literally, I was unemployed for one day in D.C.
I think most everyone knows how God abundantly provided, but I like to tell the story about how God so richly blesses those that He loves.

Dad and Benjamin moved me up to D.C. on Saturday June 1, (I just loved having some time alone with those two.) Poor B-Man was so sweet even though we stuck him in the backseat without any leg room and more luggage in his lap.
By Monday morning I had two interviews scheduled by people who had heard of me through friends. By Monday afternoon, I had one more. Tuesday, I had three call backs.

Now I'll stop and say that it was quite a surprise to many people that I was moving without a job and the more I heard the shock in their response, the more nervous I became. However, I knew that I needed to step out in faith and if I really believed the Lord had placed these passions in my heart, I had to follow the nudge to reach true satisfaction in fulfilling my life's calling.

As I made my way through Arlington Cemetery on Tuesday night to join Dad and B-man for the Marine Corps' Sunset Parade; I received a call from the Hill and had my first official job offer in a span of 24 hours. The very next day,I was also offered two of the other positions.
(Picture of the Marines at Iwo Jima)

I couldn't believe it, in a country with 10% + unemployment, the Lord had proven that He was much bigger then the numbers. And even though it feels more like a stipend than a paycheck, I have a job, in a great office with wonderful staff and an incredible boss. And even more I was reassured of His faithfulness.
WHY do I EVER doubt? And why is it always so hard to trust in His voice? Go in faith and be encouraged.

(the top picture is Rayburn, my office building)

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