finally a local

Tonight on one of my nightly runs through the city I decided to go long distance and visit my favorite monument, the Jefferson. As I was running down the path I saw a couple taking pictures of each other so I stopped and offered to take one of them together. As they were thanking me, they mentioned they were just enjoying every aspect of my city. All I could say in response was, "I do too every day." And that couldn't be more true.

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  1. HEY!!!! Precious Cousin!!! Just came off of an awesome weekend with your sisters and brother. We had a blast. The trip started out rough (with me and Blake all up in arms trying to navigate around stupid round-a-bouts). Then we discovered a little thing called - German version of Best Buy... and God shown a light beam down on a little thing called a Garmen GPS. ahhhhh!!!!! The angels sung and all was well from there. HA!

    No seriously, we had a great time. Really beautiful place (Rhein river valley).

    Anyways, I'm SOOOO glad you love where you are. That's so important and I'm So happy that you're happy. Thanks for sending me your blog!!! and hopefully talk to you soon!!!