Sweat and smiles.

Not much makes me homesick, especially in a city that I love like D.C. But whenever you get a War Eagle moment in the gym like I did tonight, I can't help but swell with love for Auburn and have a pang of sadness for the life I've left behind.

As fate would have it, on the run back home I heard sweet Matt Wertz voice in my ear whispering confirmation of my calling to DC;

Listen close
The monuments are whispering your name
I'm standing strong
Knowing that we'll never be the same
It's getting hard to fake

But as you go your own way
Remember, do not be afraid
because you're right where you should be
In Capitol City
Yeah, I know
There's better things right now for you than me
You're growing up
Those squinty eyes are just starting to see
Everything you need

Say the word
It's all I'd need
To catch a plane
Make you believe.


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