"Our electioneering racers have started for the prize. Such a whipping and spurring and huzzaing! Oh what rare sport it will be! Through thick and thin, through mire and dirt, through bogs and fens and sloughs, dashing and splashing and crying out, the devil take the hind most.

How long will it be possible that honor, truth or virtue should be respected among a people who are engaged in such a quick and perpetual succession of such profligate collisions and conflicts?"

-John Adams on the overall folderol of an election year

Grateful in Greenwood

In a desire to constantly set before my heart and mind that which I have been blessed with, and in order to direct my thoughts on God's goodness, I would like to share an email that I sent to family and friends shortly upon moving to Greenwood just one year ago.

I am SO excited to share how God continually provides and shows his constant faithful nature to Blake and me. As you know, I made the move to Greenwood in March and have already had a busy schedule. I am gainfully employed with the Catfish Farmers of America until June 24, (2 weeks before the wedding) essentially doing grassroots organizing for a federal campaign. I am so thankful for this incredible job opportunity that gives me wonderful flexibility working remotely.

On another issue, I have been staying with a couple from our church in their pool house. (yes, I went from a family's basement in DC to a pool house in MS, Matthew 6:31-33 is becoming very real to me.) When I first got to town, I began to look for places to rent, and found that there were no open houses or apartments anywhere in Greenwood. Every realty company in town said they might have some things open at the end of the month, but each address of potential rentals they supplied for us to drive by, just looked disappointing. All appeared either old, or a little dilapidated, and the amount they were charging was disproportionate to the quality. I was beginning to feel discouraged, but then our associate pastor's wife called me and said that the Lord had provided an incredible deal on a home for them to buy and that they were moving out of their cabin. The timing for my moving in has also proved to be perfect.

We went by, and were blown away! It is spacious and yet cozy, and the rent we will be paying is a steal. Literally as soon as we told both the landlords and our pastor that we wanted to move in, they were contacted by other couples who were interested....we just barely snagged it. We are overjoyed to begin our first year of marriage here in Greenwood, and have a great home from which to be hospitable to our friends and family....please come visit!

And finally, even before I moved to MS, I was thinking about what we would do for furniture. I knew we didn't have the resources for a wedding, moving, and buying furniture. And prior to praying for this area specifically, Blake's dad decided to sell his condo in Buckhead and needed somewhere to put all the furniture...well you can guess what happened. He has graciously allowed Blake and myself to use it. Blake and two of our guy friends from church drove over with a borrowed truck and trailer and brought it back to another friend's house to store for however long we need to. Then we got a call from some more friends in town that had some extra furniture.....just the pieces that we needed! I laugh every time I read or think about all these many details that God continues to take care of, and the extreme kindness and generosity of our friends. It is truly challenging my faith, and the extent to which I am generous to others.

I know this is a novel, but I am just overflowing with thankfulness for and awe at the way God is revealing himself to us, and wanted to share our testimony with the hope it might provide an encouragement to you as you walk daily in the mercy and grace of our Lord.


5 months later...

Yes, five months from my last blog post I decide to sit down and actually publish some more of my thoughts. Some of the initial questions I ask myself are, why do I do this? And, why did I start? I think the first reason why I started was so that I could update family and friends who had an interest (or stock) in how my life progressed in D.C. Well, D.C. has been great. My time here has included a lot, I mean a lot, of work, a lot of learning, and a lot of life changes. And I feel a bit of remorse about just now sitting down to write when I am wrapping up my time here. As a single woman in D.C. I had all the time in the world, but relationships, especially long-distance ones, take a lot of time to invest in and nurture....and mine is definitely worth every second.

However, I have recently developed a new hobby of reading blogs, mainly wedding blogs. Everyone who might stop by this lonely little web-page would know that I got engaged at Thanksgiving, but I always like saying it again...I'm engaged to the most incredible, godly, selfless, loving, smart, attractive, athletic, and thoughtful man. I really could go on forever. If you haven't seen it already, here is our proposal in pictures: Will you marry me??

I never understood the incessant desire that some people (mainly women I know) have to read blogs. It always befuddled me that these individuals would sit around for hours and read about other people's lives and thoughts. And that in turn they would share their own. I have always wondered why in the world someone else would ever want to know what I was thinking or my view on a issue. The hard part about my blogging is that I am so passionate about politics and social issues that I tend to use this space as a platform for sharing all of that information, maybe more than others would like to know. Life is just so short, and I truly don't want to live it without passion and conviction.

The world really is becoming flatter by the day. Some friends that I keep up with are across the world in India, England, the Dominican Republic, China....and yet with the click of a button I can Skype with them or simply read about their life on a blog. Then I must ask myself, why do I like reading blogs? It's almost like a good conversation with a friend. People will write in a way that they may not share verbally and even those who are wonderful at deep conversations in person can express themselves in a different way in the written word. I believe life is made richer with each good conversation, be it with a stranger or a friend. There is a reason that man was created for community and every interaction, from my perspective, is divinely ordained.

Why blogs? There is a certain element of writing that is nonintrusive and noncommittal. You don't have to read my blog, and I don't have to read yours. One of the facts that I often have to remind myself, is that once a word is written, (just as if it were spoken) it cannot be taken back. Especially if it is online and published....some computer somewhere has it on file. I have found though, that blogging is a way to connect with people that I may never meet. And yet their words and pictures, ideas and dreams inspire and encourage me. I always feel incredibly artistic and crafty after visiting all the DIY wedding blogs, even though I will probably never touch an actual project. There seems to be pressure to write what others want to read. And for "professional" or money-making blogs, that holds true. But for me, it's about connecting and expressing. As the world changes no one, including me, wants to be left out or left behind.

For these reasons, and more, I will continue to blog. Who knows, my life in Mississippi might present even more things to blog about. I sure hope I have more time on my hands. I will enjoy more time to be introspective and still before the Lord. It will be a welcome relief to leave the crazy workaholic lifestyle of D.C.

For an outlook on 2011:
Blake and I tie the knot on July 9, 2011, and it couldn't come soon enough. I cannot wait to be married to the love of my life, my best friend and become Mrs. Blake Ware.

Save-the-Date video


America's heartbeat

Vote for those who can’t and may not ever get the chance to. November is coming very quickly and the chance to repeal deathly parts of the healthcare bill is resting on this election. The longer Congress sits on the legislation, the harder it will become to repeal. It will further burrow into our economy, healthcare system, and the moral fabric of America.
This is one issue that truly breaks my heart, and reveals the true selfishness of our society worldwide. We are blatantly accepting and promoting abortion. We kill 1.6 million babies EACH year. The numbers are staggering. The stats show that 43% almost half of all American women will have an abortion at some point in their life. How devastating to the women, the families, and our culture. My heart is very heavy.

                    Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
                          the fruit of the womb a reward.
                   Like arrows in the hand of a warrior 
                     are the children of one's youth.
                                 Psalm 127:3-4

       See that you do not despise one of these little ones. 
           For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see 
the face of my Father who is in heaven.  - Matthew 18:10-11


It's the little things in life

That make me happy.
Last night I was wandering home from work not really having anywhere to go and decided to take care of some errands. I am so type A that it felt good to finally take care of those tasks. I went and used store credit from 2008... I am very bad about using giftcards and store credit. However, because the store didn't have the item I was looking for, they ordered it and gave me 25 % off! I only had to pay an extra $0.58. Thank you God!
I got fuel. Which, shouldn't be that difficult, but taking the time to stop and fill up is one of my least favorite activities, and I do it more often since I moved to Virginia.
I picked up a few good bottles of wine at a discount...that small joy will last me on into the next week.
And I was near a Chick-fil- A (yes I was a good ways out in VA) so of course I stopped. It's crazy the calming affect that food and the simple familiarity of that food can have on one.

On another note: I am really trying to keep an eternal perspective. It is easy to get lost in the daily on-goings and discouragements of life. It's also hard to be focused on the here and now when one wants something that rests in the future. I am truly praying for contentment and satisfaction with where the Lord has me. I am trying to remember that the Lord is whom I seek to please, and it is for his glory and magnification that I live. Every person makes mistakes, I cannot please everyone nor can I solve their problems. Especially not the entire constituency of the State of Alabama... however, in these times I am reminded how thankful I am that the Lord loves me enough to continually mold me and remind me that I really am incompetent and need his daily intervention in my heart and actions.



Been a while, so here is a novel on the recent goings on in the life of a poor Senate staffer:

I have always considered myself to be a flexible person. I have been comfortable with taking on new challenges and have always enjoyed meeting new people. Sixteen months ago I made the transition to D.C. and have never regretted the decision. However, it proved to be more challenging than my initial assumption. I was blessed to have the chance to go home every month last year after moving (whether my pocketbook liked it or not.) That helped with the transition so I didn't feel far away. When I was in town, I felt like each week I was meeting so many people, and getting invitations to go to a variety of fun events. I can remember desiring to be settled in and have a routine life that felt normal and not as transient and temporary. However there is something to be said for that level of discomfort. It pushes one to go outside of their comfort zone to meet friends and participate in activities that they may not otherwise experience. Moving to a new city without a lot of close friends can be such a great growing experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience here and the many periods of growth that the Lord has carried me through. I could never have envisioned the way this past year unfolded.I now feel completely settled in, or I did until the middle of August.

I had an incredible roommate this past year, who blessed my socks off. I am truly thankful for her. After living with Lauren, I realized how important it is to have a good roommate with whom you mesh. This becomes an even more vital reality as I look to choose my lifelong roommate. She was such an encouragement and great friend. We experienced a lot of life changes this past year, and discovered what it means to be an adult. Paying bills, figuring out retirement, healthcare, savings, credit cards, managing time and deciding who we were going to surround ourselves with and what church-body to commit to. We served at a wonderful church and were challenged in our interactions with the students and other youth leaders. We dealt with guy issues, and employment struggles. We fought with the choices that would determine how we would be defined, and ultimately what we wanted our lives to look like outside of the Auburn bubble. We had purses stolen, and cars towed. We paid a ridiculous amount for parking and winced each time half of our paychecks went to rent each month. We romped around the city with all the many visitors we had, we went on day trips and roads trips. We sat in A LOT of traffic, and waited on a good number of metros. We met so many craigslist people that we could write a book. We survived two of the worst snow storms DC has ever seen and had dance parties in our posh apartment. D.C. with one of my best friends was great.

When Lauren left in the middle of August, I went through the most stressful and extensive process of moving. I have decided moving and painting are my least favorite activities. However, I am now living with a wonderful family of 6 in northern Virginia. It is wonderful. I never thought I'd love being back with a family as much as I do. All the kids are 7 and under. There is a lot going on in the house, but it is cool to witness the manner in which the parents lead, love and teach. I am sure to have many stories to come.

While I am tired of moving twice every year for the past 4 years, I can say with complete confidence that I will be satisfied moving when the Lord calls me to my next adventure. Until that time, I will rest in the love and providence of my Sovereign Father, and seek to maximize each day's blessings and opportunities to the fullest.


Halls of History


Lauren and I trekked across the city last night to go for an evening jog around Iwo Jima and the Rosslyn area. The weather was nearly perfect, and we split up to enjoy our different paces. It is truly a beautiful area to run, I headed around Iwo Jima, by Arlington National Cemetery and over the Key Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial and continued to dodge people as I hit my turn around mark by the WWII Memorial.

As I reflect on recent changes. I feel I should update you about an exciting adventure I am embarking on. After an extended period of prayer I have committed to serving weekly at The Falls Church in their youth family. I have been charged with shepherding 6th grade girls. Many stories and revelations are sure to come.

One of the first things I have observed is how much of life they have ahead of them. Those sweet faces reflect youth full of hopes and dreams.

I can remember sitting in their shoes and looking at my babysitters thinking how cool their life is and how much I had to look forward to. I was going to have such a fun filled life and it was going to be just like all the movies, picture perfect. I could not wait to take a stab at changing to world. I dreamed of politics and glamor, of history in the making.

I now walk the halls where history has been, is, and will continue to be written.

Yes, it may be difficult having my daylight hours committed to a cubbie in a marble building and football weekends make me long for the e-mail from the Whip's office that says, "these are the last votes of the week, have a good weekend."

However I am in those shoes now and it is totally worth every sacrifice to serve my fellow citizens daily by fighting to restore America to our founders' original vision. A place free from oppression and open to expression of all religions, but firmly acknowledging that we are guided and directed by one God.