Grateful in Greenwood

In a desire to constantly set before my heart and mind that which I have been blessed with, and in order to direct my thoughts on God's goodness, I would like to share an email that I sent to family and friends shortly upon moving to Greenwood just one year ago.

I am SO excited to share how God continually provides and shows his constant faithful nature to Blake and me. As you know, I made the move to Greenwood in March and have already had a busy schedule. I am gainfully employed with the Catfish Farmers of America until June 24, (2 weeks before the wedding) essentially doing grassroots organizing for a federal campaign. I am so thankful for this incredible job opportunity that gives me wonderful flexibility working remotely.

On another issue, I have been staying with a couple from our church in their pool house. (yes, I went from a family's basement in DC to a pool house in MS, Matthew 6:31-33 is becoming very real to me.) When I first got to town, I began to look for places to rent, and found that there were no open houses or apartments anywhere in Greenwood. Every realty company in town said they might have some things open at the end of the month, but each address of potential rentals they supplied for us to drive by, just looked disappointing. All appeared either old, or a little dilapidated, and the amount they were charging was disproportionate to the quality. I was beginning to feel discouraged, but then our associate pastor's wife called me and said that the Lord had provided an incredible deal on a home for them to buy and that they were moving out of their cabin. The timing for my moving in has also proved to be perfect.

We went by, and were blown away! It is spacious and yet cozy, and the rent we will be paying is a steal. Literally as soon as we told both the landlords and our pastor that we wanted to move in, they were contacted by other couples who were interested....we just barely snagged it. We are overjoyed to begin our first year of marriage here in Greenwood, and have a great home from which to be hospitable to our friends and family....please come visit!

And finally, even before I moved to MS, I was thinking about what we would do for furniture. I knew we didn't have the resources for a wedding, moving, and buying furniture. And prior to praying for this area specifically, Blake's dad decided to sell his condo in Buckhead and needed somewhere to put all the furniture...well you can guess what happened. He has graciously allowed Blake and myself to use it. Blake and two of our guy friends from church drove over with a borrowed truck and trailer and brought it back to another friend's house to store for however long we need to. Then we got a call from some more friends in town that had some extra furniture.....just the pieces that we needed! I laugh every time I read or think about all these many details that God continues to take care of, and the extreme kindness and generosity of our friends. It is truly challenging my faith, and the extent to which I am generous to others.

I know this is a novel, but I am just overflowing with thankfulness for and awe at the way God is revealing himself to us, and wanted to share our testimony with the hope it might provide an encouragement to you as you walk daily in the mercy and grace of our Lord.

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