It's the little things in life

That make me happy.
Last night I was wandering home from work not really having anywhere to go and decided to take care of some errands. I am so type A that it felt good to finally take care of those tasks. I went and used store credit from 2008... I am very bad about using giftcards and store credit. However, because the store didn't have the item I was looking for, they ordered it and gave me 25 % off! I only had to pay an extra $0.58. Thank you God!
I got fuel. Which, shouldn't be that difficult, but taking the time to stop and fill up is one of my least favorite activities, and I do it more often since I moved to Virginia.
I picked up a few good bottles of wine at a discount...that small joy will last me on into the next week.
And I was near a Chick-fil- A (yes I was a good ways out in VA) so of course I stopped. It's crazy the calming affect that food and the simple familiarity of that food can have on one.

On another note: I am really trying to keep an eternal perspective. It is easy to get lost in the daily on-goings and discouragements of life. It's also hard to be focused on the here and now when one wants something that rests in the future. I am truly praying for contentment and satisfaction with where the Lord has me. I am trying to remember that the Lord is whom I seek to please, and it is for his glory and magnification that I live. Every person makes mistakes, I cannot please everyone nor can I solve their problems. Especially not the entire constituency of the State of Alabama... however, in these times I am reminded how thankful I am that the Lord loves me enough to continually mold me and remind me that I really am incompetent and need his daily intervention in my heart and actions.

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