Been a while, so here is a novel on the recent goings on in the life of a poor Senate staffer:

I have always considered myself to be a flexible person. I have been comfortable with taking on new challenges and have always enjoyed meeting new people. Sixteen months ago I made the transition to D.C. and have never regretted the decision. However, it proved to be more challenging than my initial assumption. I was blessed to have the chance to go home every month last year after moving (whether my pocketbook liked it or not.) That helped with the transition so I didn't feel far away. When I was in town, I felt like each week I was meeting so many people, and getting invitations to go to a variety of fun events. I can remember desiring to be settled in and have a routine life that felt normal and not as transient and temporary. However there is something to be said for that level of discomfort. It pushes one to go outside of their comfort zone to meet friends and participate in activities that they may not otherwise experience. Moving to a new city without a lot of close friends can be such a great growing experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed every experience here and the many periods of growth that the Lord has carried me through. I could never have envisioned the way this past year unfolded.I now feel completely settled in, or I did until the middle of August.

I had an incredible roommate this past year, who blessed my socks off. I am truly thankful for her. After living with Lauren, I realized how important it is to have a good roommate with whom you mesh. This becomes an even more vital reality as I look to choose my lifelong roommate. She was such an encouragement and great friend. We experienced a lot of life changes this past year, and discovered what it means to be an adult. Paying bills, figuring out retirement, healthcare, savings, credit cards, managing time and deciding who we were going to surround ourselves with and what church-body to commit to. We served at a wonderful church and were challenged in our interactions with the students and other youth leaders. We dealt with guy issues, and employment struggles. We fought with the choices that would determine how we would be defined, and ultimately what we wanted our lives to look like outside of the Auburn bubble. We had purses stolen, and cars towed. We paid a ridiculous amount for parking and winced each time half of our paychecks went to rent each month. We romped around the city with all the many visitors we had, we went on day trips and roads trips. We sat in A LOT of traffic, and waited on a good number of metros. We met so many craigslist people that we could write a book. We survived two of the worst snow storms DC has ever seen and had dance parties in our posh apartment. D.C. with one of my best friends was great.

When Lauren left in the middle of August, I went through the most stressful and extensive process of moving. I have decided moving and painting are my least favorite activities. However, I am now living with a wonderful family of 6 in northern Virginia. It is wonderful. I never thought I'd love being back with a family as much as I do. All the kids are 7 and under. There is a lot going on in the house, but it is cool to witness the manner in which the parents lead, love and teach. I am sure to have many stories to come.

While I am tired of moving twice every year for the past 4 years, I can say with complete confidence that I will be satisfied moving when the Lord calls me to my next adventure. Until that time, I will rest in the love and providence of my Sovereign Father, and seek to maximize each day's blessings and opportunities to the fullest.

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