Halls of History


Lauren and I trekked across the city last night to go for an evening jog around Iwo Jima and the Rosslyn area. The weather was nearly perfect, and we split up to enjoy our different paces. It is truly a beautiful area to run, I headed around Iwo Jima, by Arlington National Cemetery and over the Key Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial and continued to dodge people as I hit my turn around mark by the WWII Memorial.

As I reflect on recent changes. I feel I should update you about an exciting adventure I am embarking on. After an extended period of prayer I have committed to serving weekly at The Falls Church in their youth family. I have been charged with shepherding 6th grade girls. Many stories and revelations are sure to come.

One of the first things I have observed is how much of life they have ahead of them. Those sweet faces reflect youth full of hopes and dreams.

I can remember sitting in their shoes and looking at my babysitters thinking how cool their life is and how much I had to look forward to. I was going to have such a fun filled life and it was going to be just like all the movies, picture perfect. I could not wait to take a stab at changing to world. I dreamed of politics and glamor, of history in the making.

I now walk the halls where history has been, is, and will continue to be written.

Yes, it may be difficult having my daylight hours committed to a cubbie in a marble building and football weekends make me long for the e-mail from the Whip's office that says, "these are the last votes of the week, have a good weekend."

However I am in those shoes now and it is totally worth every sacrifice to serve my fellow citizens daily by fighting to restore America to our founders' original vision. A place free from oppression and open to expression of all religions, but firmly acknowledging that we are guided and directed by one God.

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