Through the eyes of a 6th grader

At Crossroads this week (middle school youth group) Matt, the boys Youth Director, gave a wonderful example of how we can doubt God's goodness by having a selfish, narrow-visioned, instantly gratifying mindset. (He of course used different terms.) He asked one of the middle school girls to stand at the front and close her eyes. He proceeded to hold up a large and beautiful painting close to her face. When she opened her eyes, all she could see was yellow. As she took steps backwards she saw more and more of the striking sunset painting.

This resonates true when we live day by day and see little by little God's great plan come into existence. We cannot always understand the reasons that we are enduring the trials or situations that we are, or cannot understand the uncomfortable position that God has us in; but He continually reveals more and more to us so that we can more fully grasp his magnificent plan and painting of our lives.

Later, one of my co leaders in the small group asked our girls how they felt when God didn't give them something they wanted. The sweet girl to my left looked up and said, "Well, it can lead to resentment, but if you really trust God, you will know that if he really does have your best interest in mind, then what you wanted wasn't best for you, or you might should not have wanted it in the first place." - Ladies and Gentlemen, the wisdom of a 6th grader.

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