Silent Night- All is Calm

As I walked to work this morning in the nipping cold, I realized how often that I walk looking at the ground. Sure I was shielding my poor face from what I thought was -20 degree winds, but when I recognized how much I was examining the semi-flat pavement rather than looking at the world around me I was hit by the simple truth that I have been living life in the same manner.

How much do I miss by looking down at my feet. If I would just raise my eyes to look at those around me I might share the kindness of a stranger's smile, or enjoy the simple yet miraculous act of a bird in flight, or I might notice a cloud in an odd shape, or even just take in the enchanting world of the city.

Like tonight- I walked home from watching football at a friend's apartment on the north side of the Hill. I won't tell you what time, or how far, because I am sure to get scolded. I very innocently didn't expect snow, but much to my Alabama delight I walked out to a fresh layer of snow and practically floated home as I tried to see how long I could look up into the kaleidoscope of snowflakes. As I neared the Library of Congress and the Capitol, my breath escaped me. What a beautiful view. I didn't see a car in sight, and there were no noises. Very austerely and yet elegantly stood my Capitol. There is something simply charming and endearing about the Capitol at night with the sharp contrast of a midnight sky, the lights are at just the right angle so it demands respect. The snow peacefully fell covering me completely in new white attire, and silently embracing the Capitol that I love.

Everything in life depends on one's outlook. Think of what I would have missed had I not looked up. This year in 2010, I promise to pull my eye from the pavement and my own life, and look up to face the world around me.

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