Whew. I just got home from a tour of my boss' district. It was exhausting! Very very beneficial and eye opening, but socially draining. I really enjoy just listening to the rest of our staff and soaking up their exorbitant amounts of knowledge. There is much more to the legislative process than most people understand.

I feel like I'm constantly traveling these days, and my pocket book is proof as I buy plane tickets home to Alabama once a month if not more. When at home recently, I went out to meet up with a friend one night and realized that I felt SO out of place. Auburn seemed so foreign, it was like a dream in which I was searching to find a glimpse of normality and it was no where to be found. The faces were different, the buildings new, I kept trying to get comfortable, but I even found myself socially awkward. When my friend told people where I lived, they then asked what school I graduated from...doesn't take long to be forgotten. And as soon as I started talking about my job they glazed over, and I lost their attention almost instantly. I have forgotten how to small talk with anyone outside of D.C.!

However the trip was wonderful and it was great to see the family. My brothers are precious and growing by the day. And I was SO SO excited that Landrum chose to be a diamond sister with me in ADPI. I am very excited about all the experiences she is about to embark on. I will have to admit, that as beautiful as the country roads were in our district, and as refreshing as my trip home might have been, I realized each time I left, I was yearning for D.C. I look forward to the place where I fit in and live a comfortable life and also to come back to my roommate and my cosy grown-up apartment with the luxuries of a big city.
So tonight, for now, I'm back in what is my sweet home D.C.

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