Reported by some friends in Auburn:

Robert Gibbs, the current White House Press Secretary, who seems to get more flustered than any secretary I can recall ever seeing or hearing about, was in Auburn a few weeks ago for his high school reunion.
Reliable sources have informed me that Mr. Gibbs was seen being thrown out of Bodega, a common late night watering hole after making a scene.
The bouncers were shutting down the bar when Mr. Gibbs who thought it was a little too early for this, insisted on getting in their face and asking repeatedly, "DO you know who I am???"
The bouncer then took the beer from his hand and chunked it in the trash saying," I don't care who the **** you are, GET OUT."

Washington has a habit of blowing up people's ego...but I'm justing being trying to be understanding. :)

War Damn.

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