Andy Griffith

Guilty confessions:

Apt 930 is addicted to the Andy Griffith show. It is true. We enjoy the antics of Barney and the comments from Gomer, and the sweetness of Opie.
There is even an appeal of the slow peaceful life of Mayberry. After going to my boss' district this past week, one of the guys from our Leg staff said he forgot that people lived such different lives. In D.C. it is easy to get caught up in the sexy world of politics and power and it sometimes takes a jolt of reality in the world of, "normal middle class America" to remind us of real life. Life is starkly different outside of D.C. Even the simple detail of clothing choice; we stopped at one locality and a woman looked at the gentleman she was with and commented that, "they must be from D.C." He inquired as to why she would presume this, and she informed him that just as we were, everyone in D.C. wears black.

Time and time again, I have found Andy to be so wise, and his profound comments and solutions always strike a chord with the true values that I align with. Each episode, he takes problems and solves them with real world, common sense solutions. Maybe he should be president!
I would be quite satisfied if God gave me an Andy Griffith to marry and an Opie for a son.

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